Yehudah Koblick

Yehudah Koblick

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Yehudah Koblick


Wesley Hills, NY


Pace University

About me

I am passionate about building great software with over 15 years of experience in full stack development including end to end application development, web, and mobile apps

Currently I am the CTO of, a freelance developer consultant, and University course developer.

As a freelance consultant, I am focused on developing unique apps. I utilize great technologies such as Node JS, Angular JS, React, iOS and Android native platforms.

I'm becoming interested in helping companies migrate to the cloud, particularly the azure platform. Stay tuned.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 5 kids, racing Triathlon, and living life to it’s fullest.


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Yehudah Koblick
Tribex Corp
Wesley Hills, NY 10952